Living Social Is Running This INSANE Deal…Get An Autographed ARod Ball For $179…Was $400!

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Need more proof that the memorabilia market is out of control? How about Living Social selling ARod signed baseballs for $179. I remember buying the Cam Newtwon BCS pants for $1,500 and thinking that was a chunk of change, but I also knew there were maniacs out there who REALLY want to own these random things to put in their man caves so they can impress their five friends during football games or the World Series.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that disgraced ARod baseballs are for sale on a site like Living Social. You can go on eBay right now and slay the $99 ARod PSA baseball market. Turn around and run your own Living Social deal and make a fortune. Capitalism!


Think it’s odd that 5 people paid $179 for an ARod ball? How about the 51 people who blew $89 for a Piazza signed photo. You could get those things for $25 before the HOF announcement.

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