NYC Strippers Plan ARod Going Away Party, Will Strip Out Of #13

Ricks Cabaret Girls ARod Retirement

The end is here for ARod in New York City. The Yanks pushed the disgraced member of the 696 HR club into retirement as the franchise regroups and looks to the future that won’t include the two-time steroid cheat. Friday will be ARod’s last game and there will be at least one party to celebrate his retirement.

It’ll be at Rick’s Cabaret — near MSG – and the girls have something special planned for Mr. 696. From the Rick’s communications department:

A-Rod’s last game will be this Friday and there are Rick’s Cabaret New York girls who remember his time as a Yankee fondly, but many feel the opposite.

Some of the dancers at Rick’s Cabaret New York, the upscale gentlemen’s club known to be a favorite sport for pro athletes from all the major sports, will be wearing A-Rod’s #13 jersey on Friday and stripping out of them!

But there are others who don’t think he deserves such an honor. Rick’s Cabaret NYC girl Monica said firmly, “He lied about steroids—twice—and he is a cheater, so I have very little sympathy for him.”

“Let’s look to the future and forget A-Rod,” purred Rick’s Cabaret NYC girl Angelica.

Rick’s Cabaret NYC girl Joanna had a different view. “I wish the Yankees had let him finish the year and maybe get to hit his 700th home run,” she said.

And that’s that. Once you’ve lost the strippers, your life in New York is officially over, especially when you’re a guy who has made $378,285,104 over his career. He’ll also get an additional $27 million as a contractual going away present.

So long, ARod. The girls are moving on.

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