Arizona Bro Tweets That He's Going To Kill His Roommates, Ends Up Killing A Roommate

Zac Penton of Gilbert, Arizona pretty much gave every indication on Twitter that he was going to kill his roommates…and then he shot and killed¬†one of his roommates. Zac didn’t even run after killing the roommate. He called cops and told them he shot the roommate.
You can’t accuse Zac of lying about his story. He pretty much just laid this one out there for all to see.

Authorities say a fight led to one roommate shooting another Sunday at a home near Chandler Heights and Higley roads.
Officers say 21-year-old Zachary Penton called police and told them he shot his roommate, 41-year-old Daniel Garofalo, after some sort of altercation.
Officers responded and took Penton into custody without incident.
Garofalo was pronounced deceased on scene.

And that’s that. There was no roommate counseling. No parents got involved. Just took the gun and blasted the guy. Look, you always get to that point where you’re completely sick of a roommate. Been there done that. The big difference is that I’d head to the bookstore, or the bar and avoid the roommate in college. Not Zac. He figured going to prison for life was worth it.

Nah…I’m good.

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