This CNBC Reporter Seems To Really Enjoy The New Whopperito


CNBC Whopperito


That’s CNBC reporter Jane Wells on Friday really enjoying the new Whopperito from Burger King. Jane got the big story — probably paid & planted by Burger King — and part of the gig was to pretend that she’s eating a burrito filled with a Whopper and the normal burrito toppings you get at your local Americanized Mexican joint that has the same refried beans as 5,000 other Mexican restaurants.

Quick side note: I’m convinced that the Mexican drug cartels control the refried beans industry in the U.S. That has to be a gold mine.

As for Wells, she….well, enjoyed that Whopperito while driving. Great promo bit.

Mmmmmm, looks horrible!

About to get slapped around by that Whopperito

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