'16 Rio Olympics: Hottest Female Athlete's from Every Other Sport

Every four years, people from all across the world come together to watch the most spectacular sporting event of all-time, the Summer Olympics.
Rio was granted the 2016 Summer Olympic games back in October of 2009. They beat out Madrid, Spain and Tokyo, Japan. Chicago was also a finalist but was eliminated very quickly after the first round of voting.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil started preparing for the Olympics not long after they were announced as the host for the 31st Summer Olympic games. They added several new buildings including 18 brand spanking new sporting venues, some temporary. They built a beautiful new Main Court for Tennis, a 16,000 seat basketball arena, and a very large, 15,000 seat aquatics stadium.
But if you want to fill these venues, you need athletes, right?
Of the nearly, 10,000 expected Olympians that will be in attendance in Rio this year, around 45% of them are going to be female, which will be an all-time high for women in sports.
These women work extremely hard, some of them since birth, preparing for their moment to become an Olympic champion. So it comes as no shock that not only are they insanely talented athletes, a lot of them are also beautiful. It comes as no surprise that a beautiful woman that excels in athletics can be one of the sexiest combinations ever.
We have already showcased the hottest female Olympians in the following Olympic sports:  volleyball, basketball, field hockey, beach volleyball, soccer, tennis, swimming, and track & field.
What about the rest of the women from the 23 other sports at the Olympics this year?
Here is our list of the hottest female Olympians we might have missed in the other articles.

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