Russian Diver Yulia Timoshinina Goes Face First On Platform Dive

Poor¬†Yulia Timoshinina. That’s her going face first into the diving pool at the Rio Olympics during the 10m platform preliminary. I have more bad news for Yulia…she finished 28th during the prelims, which was good for last place with a score of 212.25.
And that’s the end of her Olympics.
The good news is that you’ll always be the Face First Diver at the Rio Games. That kind of video will be used four years from now during the Tokyo games. Some Facebook account will bring it back, the video will go viral and websites around the world will go nuts. Yulia can tell all her friends “that’s me!” and have a good laugh.

We posted about Yulia back in July during the buildup to Rio. I thought she’d go viral because she’s hot. Now she’s going viral because her face smacked the water. I knew a star when she crossed my browser.

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