Meet Yulia Timoshinina – Russian Olympic Diver


Yulia Timoshinina won’t get one of those sappy profile segments on NBC because, well, she’s a Russian diver who’ll be trying to win a gold for our enemy Putin. So there won’t be any Proctor & Gamble spots where she’s pimping Crest toothpaste to an American audience.

But Yulia is critically important to Olympic viewers because you guys have this fascination with finding hot Olympians amongst the thousands of competitors. One minute Yulia is just some random competitor, the next minute she appears on Euro Olympic coverage and all hell breaks loose.

This will be Busted’s third Summer Olympics. I clearly remember the beginning of the Leryn Franco craze. She went from a nobody javelin thrower to Nike property in China.

That brings us to Yulia. She turned 18 in January, has a fun Instagram and has that Russian mystique. Let’s go to the Yulia bio:

• Her dad was a two-time Russian Olympic diver

• Mom Svetlana Timoshinina is a three-time world champion in diving

• Grandpa is a two-time Olympic champion in rowing; Grandma won silver at 1968 Olympics

• Yulia won gold in 10m platform synchro at the 2014 and 2015 European Championships