Jessica Alba’s New Movie, Bald Caitlyn Jenner & New Helmet-less Football League

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The women’s beach volleyball final is on NBC tonight and Kerri Walsh-Jennings won’t be in it. Maybe you didn’t stay up until 12:30 a.m. this morning to see her and April Ross lose. Yeah, that’s the first Olympic loss for Kerri. And she looked horrible. There’s some Taekwondo on today. Women’s water polo is always interesting. Once again, ESPN counters with LLWS softball.

Jessica Alba’s new movie looks pretty good

Bald Caitlyn Jenner

New football league where they don’t wear helmets or pads

Curt Schilling vs. Elizabeth Warren?

Kirk Cousins’ conversion van gets fixed up by AAA, back in business

This Florida Man flashed his junk at police, arrested

Oklahoma guy says THIS isn’t supposed to be racist

Meet Sydney from ODU

That’s Not How You Do It Olympic Dive Video of the Week

@bustedcoverage Don't think this will get it done, may miss the podium

— Robert Hackney (@BobbyHackney) August 16, 2016

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