Johnny Depp Cuts Off His Finger, Penn State Stiffs & Olympic Dressage Is Lit


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At this point I have no idea which Olympic events will be on tonight in prime time on NBC. Just figure on track & field. I’ve lost track now that swimming’s over. I guess there’s still women’s gymnastics that matters. CNBC has cycling at 5 EST. That’s always interesting. There’s always one guy whose massive thighs go viral. Or you can watch your regional baseball games. ESPN counters with the Little League softball world series.

• Emily Ratajkowski wore this to some red carpet

WARNING: Johnny Depp cut off part of his finger!

Papelbon keeps being the same d-bag he’s always been

Penn State stiff Jimmy Johns delivery guy

Meet the Dancing Olympic Weightlifter

Charlotte McKinney actually clothed

THIS Florida Man pays for a hooker, goes to hotel, she steals his shoes

Meet Jasmine from York University

Olympic Dressage Video of the Month

Olympic dressage is LIT. New favorite sport.

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) August 15, 2016

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