'16 Rio Olympics: Hottest Female Track and Field Athletes

The biggest news story of the 2016 Rio Olympics isn’t the fact that the living quarters for the athletes is so bad, Australia is setting up their people in hotels until the IOC fixes the problems. Can you imagine living somewhere for a week or two and the toilets are backed up, pipes are leaking, and exposed wires dangle from the ceilings? It sounds like a torture room from Zero Dark Thirty than a place you would want to stay between your Olympic trials.
But that isn’t the biggest story in the news, not by a long shot.
The story everyone is talking about centers around the track and field venues and the missing athletes from Russia. The entire track and field roster of Russian athletes have been banned from the 2016 Olympics due to an ugly doping scandal that could effect the future of Russia’s Olympic involvement.
But enough about the doped up sprinters and the long jumpers jumping 45 feet. Let’s take a look at the beautifully sexy women that the rest of the world has showcased for their Olympic team. These wonderfully talented women are the best in the world and aren’t that shabby to look at either.

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