Sex Scandal Divides Brazilian Diving Pair

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Sad news for Brazil fans: the diving duo of Ingrid Oliveira and Giovanna Pedroso appears to be no more — and it isn’t because they finished dead last in the 10-meter platform event.

According to O Globo, Giovanna (17) is steaming after Ingrid (20) decided to have sex the night before competition with canoeist Pedro Goncalves:

The “climão” between the two intensified further when Ingrid was with another athlete of the Brazilian delegation and took him to the room he shared with Giovanna. She was even asked to leave and there was a heated discussion.

Giovanna then had to sleep in another room of the apartment. The next day, the athlete told superiors that the partner slept together. They came to try to drown out the case, but did not. The story leaked and most of the other athletes of Team Brazil who knew the incident was positioned next to Giovanna.

The report adds the two also had different opinions on what type of dive to do, so ending this partnership and focusing on individual events seems to be the smart way to go.

You guys can catch Ingrid in action on Wednesday as she competes in the individual 10-meter platform — hopefully she’ll be well rested for this one.

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