Bahrain’s Andrew Fisher Shamelessly Rocking a Weed Tank

Sprinter Andrew Fisher’s (Bahrain) hopes for an Olympic medal were crushed today after he committed a false start in the 100-meter semis.
According to the USA Today, Fisher blamed a helicopter flying overhead for his error:

“I noticed it on “set” then I heard it get louder and louder as it came down,” Fisher said. “I don’t know what they were (thinking). I could clearly hear what it was.
“There should be nothing to distract anyone in their races. I think the reason they came down closer was Bolt. Everyone wants to get a good (look) at Bolt and all that. There should be nothing flying over this location at this point. I was upset.”

It makes sense, but the BC office is a little skeptical after taking a glimpse of Fisher’s warm-up marijuana tank:

We definitely love the idea of an athlete taking a ballsy pro-drug stance at the Olympics, but it’s not a great look when you get disqualified shortly after:

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