Watch Roger Clemens Pitch in the NBC World Series


Roger Clemens NBC World Series

It’s been nine years since we’ve seen Roger Clemens on a pitching mound, but The Rocket turned back the clock competing for the Kansas Stars in the National Baseball Congress World Series.

Roger took the mound this past Wednesday, and donned a Boston Red Sox jersey as he pitched to his son, Koby, for three innings:

People were understandably thrilled to see a legend pitching in freaking Wichita (via

“I never got a chance to go to a pro-game, never got to see him pitch because he retired, so now here in Wichita of all places you get to see him come and play,” Platter said.

Unfortunately, the Stars were ousted from the tournament after losing a grueling 17-inning game to the Hays Larks.

The Rocket warming up in the pen:

Exited to a standing ovation, of course:

Oh damn, a Roy Oswalt sighting!

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