Lithuanian Weightlifter Celebrates His Bronze Medal With A Sweet Backflip


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It’s always cool to see people celebrate when they win a medal in the Olympics. All that training and hard work for four years finally pays off and we get to see the emotions flow out of these athletes when they finally complete their goal.

Some cry, some belt with joy, some do backflips. Well, one does a backflip. That would be Lithuanian weightlifter, Aurimas Didzbalis.

Didzbalis was banned for doping for the London Olympics so this one was extra special. Now the real question is, what would he do if he won gold? Double backflip? Triple backflip? I guess we’ll have to wait til 2020.

Afterwards in his press conference he explained the reasoning for the celebration.


“I only do them when I win a medal,” he said. “If I had finished fourth you wouldn’t have seen it.”

[Huff Post]

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