Ryan Lochte's Taxi Was Reportedly Robbed At Gun Point In Rio

This story has been fluid all morning with different reports coming out and people denying things, but it looks like we have some details to what happened. Apparently last night/early this morning a taxi that Ryan Lochte was in that was about to leave a club in Rio was robbed at gunpoint.
Originally, after the story first broke, the IOC Director of Communications came out and straight up denied it was true.

But then Lochte’s mom told USA Today about the incident, who immediately reported it.
USA Today:

Reached by USA TODAY Sports, Ileana Lochte confirmed a report that Lochte was robbed. She said he was unharmed.
“I think they’re all shaken up. There were a few of them,” Ileana Lochte said. “No, they were just, they just took their wallets and basically that was it.”

Now we have the Washington Post reporting with more details about the incident.
Washington Post:

Brazilian swimmer Thiago Pereira’s representative told The Post’s Dom Phillips that Lochte was in a taxi leaving Club France on the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon when the taxi was robbed. Video on O Globo shows Lochte and Pereira at what appears to be a rave.
Flávio Perez said the incident, in which Lochte was unharmed, occurred after a birthday celebration at a Brazilian club.
“Thiago Pereira and his wife Gabriela Pauletti were in Club France, the French house in Brazil, and they were celebrating the birthday of a friend in common,” said Perez, Pereira’s spokesman. “Lochte was also in the same place, commemorating the same birthday. Ryan and Thiago are friends. Thiago and his wife left earlier, they left alone, the two of them. Thiago and his wife went back to their hotel. Then Thiago, on finding out what happened, called Ryan. Ryan is well, and Thiago said that the robbery, according to Ryan, was in the taxi. The taxi was robbed.”

So it looks like there was a robbery and Ryan Lochte was involved. Now the IOC is saying that the initial denial isn’t true.

The only explanation for the IOC denying it is obviously to save their image. So far no violent incidents have happened through the first week and it looks like they panicked trying to save face. Now they look even dumber.
All around it’s been a weird story and weird morning. For all we know more reports could come out throughout the rest of the day.
Update: Lochte’s response to getting held up? Whatever…

Lochte dropped a statement on Instagram, looking forward to 2020 Olympics

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