British Sprinter Told A Reporter He “Ran Like A Dick” After His 400M Heat

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We’re a week into the Olympics and finally the track & field events are underway. In my opinion these are the most exciting events we have and we always have to wait until the second week to see them. The fastest people in the world get to put their talent on display.

Last night the heats for the 400m took place and British sprinter, Martyn Rooney, was not very happy with his performance. After finishing 5th in his heat, he spoke with a BBC reporter and gave the most honest answer possible.

“I ran like a dick” pretty much sums it up. We always want our athletes to be honest and there it is. About as honest as one can be. If you’re a European champion and finish 5th in a heat, you ran like a dick. It’s that simple.

Concise analysis from the underwhelming Martyn Rooney there.

— Tom Peck (@tompeck) August 13, 2016

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