LSU WR Travin Dural Gains 27 Pounds from Popeyes Diet

Travin Dural popeyes

After suffering a bad hamstring injury against Ole Miss last season, LSU wide receiver Travin Dural was left in a touch position this offseason not being able to do any cardio.

To make matters worse for Travin, he apparently doesn’t have much self control with food as he took on a Popeyes diet that saw him balloon from 203 pounds to 230 pounds — details from

“Yeah, Popeyes was putting a lot of weight on me,” the fifth-year senior wide receiver from Breaux Bridge said this week, skillfully transferring the blame.

“I went home one day, and my mom was like, ‘Man, you look stuffed,’” Dural said. “So, that’s when I knew it was time for change. I was almost 230 pounds in the spring and I played at 203 last year.”

The good news for LSU fans: Dural eventually started working out again and is back around 205 pounds. He also made the switch from fried to grilled chicken, but we have to ask, “Is it worth it?”

Travin’s really back in playing form:

Travin going with the hockey jersey in Feb. — smart move: