Kentucky Dopers Hit Dale Jr Fan’s Electric Pole, Disturb A Beehive, Get Lit Up Before Being Saved By Dale Jr’s Water Hose

Dale Jr Fan

These are the kind of stories that keep me waking up day after day for nearly 9 years since starting BC. Just give me the slightest sports angle and I’m happier than a pig in a pile of shit. Throw in Kentucky and I’m even happier. Throw in some guy named Gary Lee wearing a Dale Jr. hat and it’s like Christmas morning.

Throw in a Geo Tracker hitting an electric pole in some Kentucky holler and we have a classic BC story.

Thanks to BC reader¬†@Knutsac¬†for sending this one along. He clearly knows what plays on this site. He’s been around here for several years. Gets it.

By the way, I get that this happened in late July. BC readers have been on vacation and researching fantasy football so it’s all good. Go with it. Don’t send me tweets that “this is old.”

By the way, Sam Dick is doing a great job.

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