Kyle & Samantha Busch Stop By Milk The Clock…They Actually Eat The Snickers & Like To Party At The Super Bowl

Samantha Busch Snickers

The last time I saw Kyle Busch and wife Samantha at an event was at the Leather & Laces Super Bowl party in New York a few years back. Kyle was one of very few active athletes to attend the party that some consider a little too risque because waitresses are barely clothed. It’s nothing you wouldn’t see in a Vegas, Miami or L.A. club.

Anyway, these two were holding court at a VIP table on the dance floor. Two of those partying with the Buschs that night were Jamal Anderson and Joey Fatone. I’ve been intrigued by all of this for like three years. How does that happen? Do they regularly party with those guys? Turns out there’s a good reason Anderson and Fatone stopped by: the Buschs like to party.

We also find out how Kyle met Samantha…..if Samantha (@SamanthaBusch) is a backseat driver….if NASCAR informs the wives and girlfriends how to dress and do¬†they actually eat the Snickers, Skittles and M&Ms?

Plus, don’t miss Paul getting into a deep Mario Kart discussion with Kyle, who has four Cup wins this season.

Hate Kyle Busch all you want, this guy is exactly the kind of character NASCAR needs more of. And go follow (Samantha.Busch) on SnapChat.

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