Rory McIlroy Has Responded To The Irish Boxers Who Taunted Him On Twitter

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Rory McIlroy took a beating on Twitter yesterday and Friday when two Irish boxers came out of nowhere and dropped a pair of haymakers right in Rory’s face from Rio.

The first one was just a warmup for the real bomb, but shade was definitely still thrown here from Michael Conlan.

Hey @McIlroyRory .. @RickieFowler said your a pussy for not turning up! #OhhhhhFightTalk #Olympics #Rio2016

— Michael Conlan (@mickconlan11) August 5, 2016

You could chalk this up to guys just being guys. You know, call him a pussy for not competing in the Olympics and take a picture with his boy Rickie. Just a little friendly banter.

But then the next day, another Irish boxer named Paddy Barnes decided he wanted in on the fun and one-upped Michael by tweeting this picture with Rory’s ex-girlfriend, Carolina Wozniacki. And not only that, but he thinks they’d be a great couple.

Hey @CaroWozniacki I think we make a great couple, what ya think @McIlroyRory

— Paddy Barnes (@paddyb_ireland) August 6, 2016

So of course that went viral yesterday, but I wanted to wait and see if Rory responded before I posted it. I wanted to see if he would stay silent and take his beating, or maybe hit them back with something to turn this thing into a full blown tweef. I mean that is his ex-fiance after all.

But Rory ended up taking a middle ground. He tweeted back this little joke this morning and nothing came of it.

.@paddyb_ireland @mickconlan11 good luck lads! If your boxing is as good as your tweeting it should be 2 guaranteed golds!! 😂🏅🏅👏🏼

— Rory McIlroy (@McIlroyRory) August 7, 2016

I was hoping for more, but Rory has moved on to better things and doesn’t have time to worry about Wozniacki anymore.