This Rio Bathroom Has A Very Specific List Of Do’s And Don’ts

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Rio already has enough things to worry about as it is. You know like terrorism and deadly diseases. Well, you can add bathroom etiquette to that list. Nothing is more important than making sure people go to the bathroom the right way.

Here’s a sign found in a bathroom in Rio by USA Women’s basketball player, Elena Delle Donne.

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Guess I won't be toilet fishing today 😒

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Let’s take a closer look. First the basics, how to throw away toilet paper. That’s right, directly in the trash.

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Next, throwing up is strictly prohibited, also you can’t take an upper decker. So I’d make sure you mix in some waters with the booze and avoid being a prankster.

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Also, no fishing in the toilet. I know, I know, from all of the stories we’ve heard about this place you probably could actually find yourself catching a fish in those toilets. But clearly there’s a red X through it. Sorry.

And last, please no peeing like a dog in the urinal. Have some damn respect for yourself.

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And there you have it, the bathroom rules in Rio. I hope you enjoy your stay.