Jordan Rodgers Capitalizes on ‘Bachelorette’ Fame, Lands SEC Network Job

Jordan Rodgers is having quite the week — he won JoJo’s heart on “The Bachelorette,” he’s successfully created a public feud with brother Aaron, and to top it all off, he now has a new job with ESPN’s SEC Network.

Yes. Just days after winning the reality dating show, the WWL announced Jordan’s studio analyst gig — details from ESPN Front Row:

“We began planning for the upcoming college football season in February and Jordan was one of our first calls,” said ESPN Senior Vice President Stephanie Druley. “He had a unique perspective as a quarterback at Vanderbilt University and we were immediately impressed with his intelligence and passion for the game.”

Can’t even knock Jordan here — the guy is on a crazy run, and qualified as a former Vanderbilt quarterback. He’s apparently been studying all summer (when not competing) for his big debut on Aug. 23:

“I’ve spent the summer studying in preparation for the football season,” Rodgers said. “Part of the job is based on personal experience, but knowing the rosters, stats and dynamics of 14 teams and their opponents every week is the work aspect.”

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