BC Investigation: Is That Michael Wilbon’s Attorney, Emily Kresse?


Michael Wilbon wife

We’ve opened a BC investigation into who that was sitting next to Michael Wilbon at Thursday’s White Sox-Cubs game at Wrigley. Is it his wife? Is it just some random hot woman sitting with her 80-year-old mom?

Wilbon has the ‘let ’em breath’ stance going on, which is usually an indicator that the woman next to you is either a friend or maybe related. You don’t go man stance next to someone you don’t know, right?

Is it his sister-in-law?

It’s not like this investigation is going nowhere. We’re already receiving tips to the BC DMs.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 10.47.29 AM

So I went over to Instagram to see what this Emily Kresse is up to and I see this. Wait, what?

Emily Kresse Michael Wilbon

She’s a real estate attorney so maybe they’re working on a business deal.

Michael Wilbon attorney

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