Mets Fan Caught Some Much Needed Zzzz During Last Night’s Game

Fan sleeping Mets game

No way am I cracking on this guy for taking a nearly six full inning nap during last night’s game against the Yankees. You can tell he’s been working his ass off and isn’t getting 8 solid hours of sleep. I’m the same way. The most I’m getting is 6 1/2 per night and I can see football on the horizon when the sleep schedule is totally screwed up.

So you grab some sleep at an August Mets game. No biggie.

I looked at the┬áschedule last night and planned on getting a vacation in August. I’m talking a solid 7 days off where I completely disconnect from the laptop and phone. Then I see that the Olympics get two weeks, then James the Assistant takes a week off and then football starts. So it’s looking like I might not get a chance to take off a solid week until February after the Super Bowl. You guys think this job is glamorous? I haven’t had a full week vacation in over five years.

That’s why I’m cool with this guy sleeping. I get it. We’re on the same page.

Bottom of 1 at the Mets game:

Top of 5 at the Mets game:

Bottom of 6 after Matt Reynolds goes deep:

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