Florida Kids Cheer Florida Men Baseball Players Fighting In Bench Clearing Brawl

I know there are websites freaking out today over this MiLB fight video between a couple of Florida Single-A teams because kids were watching the players fight it out. That’s Jupiter and Daytona Beach going at it last week. Video -from @AndySlater – finally surfaced and shows the rare bench clearing brawl where there is some squaring off.
Last week from the Daytona Beach News-Journal:

A midweek noon game wouldn’t normally draw a crowd of 1,457 fans, but local summer camps flooded the stands, with many elementary school age kids in attendance. Some of the campers were filed out as the brawl started, but plenty were still around as punches began to fly on the field, as the kids cheered.

Ahh Florida, do you. I love when the kids cheer an old fashioned MiLB brawl. Too many minor league teams have been Disney-fied so something like this is perfect to remind us that these guys aren’t robots that hand out autographs and smile for pictures like they’re Mickey or Goofy.
[vimeo 176265086 w=640 h=480]

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