Meet Casi Davis – Cristiano Ronaldo’s Weekend Slam Piece


Cristiano Ronaldo had himself a weekend with Miami model Casi Davis. Ronaldo was spotted pool side smiling like a guy who just hit the IG Model Lottery thanks to his massive $40 million or so per year contract. TMZ says these two were literally getting on top of each other at the pool.

Seems someone has finally tamed the tan stallion … because Cristiano Ronaldo was getting VERY up close and personal with a hot blonde in Miami this weekend … and even planted a kiss on her!

At one point, a smokin’ hot friend came over and began smackin’ the lady on her butt — and no one complained.

According to Casi’s IG account she’s “305 til I die.” That’s the Miami area code. Something tells me she knows lots of athletes. TMZ ended its coverage by saying these two seem to just be friends.

Yeah, for a weekend. Nothing wrong with that.

[Casi Davis – IG]

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