The Rio Olympic Media Village Looks Pretty Nice

Rio Olympics Media Village Pool

The international media has been doing a great job bashing the Rio Olympics athletes village over the streams of crap, unfinished rooms, security, fire alarms, etc. By now you know the athletes village is a mess.

So let’s take a look at where the media is staying.

Annnnnnndddddd….the pool area looks like a 4.5-star resort.

San Francisco sports columnist Ann Killion shot this video of her apartment for the next 2.5 weeks or so. Looks pretty nice to me. Bust out a couple columns each day, go back to the village, hit the pool and drink some beers. I’d sleep on the floor for that assignment.

I know some Chinese media are complaining that they don’t have running water. So take a bath in the pool. I do it all summer in Ohio. Get some bottles of water to drink & brush your teeth. Or find a side piece who’ll let you stay at her place so you can grab a shower.

Basin falls while washing @Rio2016 Media Village. Bed is possible to collapse while in sleep. No electricity in room

— Xinhua Sports (@XHSports) July 29, 2016

So the sink doesn’t work. The water didn’t run anyway. You weren’t going to use it.

Sporting facilities perfect @Rio2016 Media Village. Basketball, tennis, BV courts, soccer field, gym all available

— Xinhua Sports (@XHSports) July 28, 2016

Would you rather have a stupid working sink or that pool setup for the next 2.5 weeks? It’s like these candy asses never went to college. Take the mattress and throw it on the floor by the air conditioner. Grab a couple cases of beer and throw a rager. You’ll leave after the Olympics and never care about that apartment again.

Yeah, this looks miserable.


Have arrived in #Rio2016 media village. Outside looks great but still a few teething issues inside which is normal

— Ben Jary (@BenJary) July 28, 2016

Drop a deuce, hit the pool just like you do in Vegas. Live a little.


My home for the next 23 days. A snapshot of the Olympic Media Village. #Rio2016

— Robin Wilhoit (@robinWBIR) August 1, 2016