Hottest Wives & Girlfriends of the 2016 MLB All-Star Game

The 2016 MLB season is coming up to the most exciting time of the year, the All-Star game. For many of players, actually for most of them, this is a time for rest and recovery and a nice little four-day break from the grind of traveling from city to city, playing game after game, almost every single day for most of the year. Those four days go a very long way for many players and comes at the mid-way point in the season.
But for the league’s elite and most popular players, it means that it’s time to lace up and get ready to fight for the home-field advantage that the league who wins the game is granted for the World Series. It seems a bit unfair to have two teams of players from all over the league fight for something that only two teams will play for but it does make the game more interesting.
For the National League, if the Chicago Cubs are going to continue their dominating run, they get a huge chance to take advantage as five players from the roster are going to be starting the All-Star game, including their entire infield. It is a true testament to the popularity of this Cubs team.
While many of the American League starters are under 26 years of age, some of them are faces we have become to love over the years like David Ortiz and Carlos Beltran. Regardless of age, the Red Sox win the AL All-Star team with the most players, six.
As we prepare for the exhibition match of the season, let’s honor the players with a peak into their personal lives and check out the hottest wives or girlfriends of the players starring in the game.

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