Leryn Franco Looks Good While Rehabbing, Too! [PHOTOS]



Leryn Franco just couldn’t handle all the attention Michelle Jenneke was getting for her sexy hamstring rehab. We’ve been following Jenneke and chronicled the grueling rehab process she’s been going through over the past week. Franco, feeling left out, dropped a few bombs of her own.

Over the past several days Franco has uploaded a few photos of herself receiving what appears to be electro-stimulation therapy. Of course, she uploaded the photos showcasing her greatest assets, her legs and her cleav.

Leryn-Franco-Rehab (2)

While it doesn’t appear Franco has any serious injuries she is dealing with, the therapy looks to be being used for preventative and cautionary measures.

We can only hope that Leryn keeps rehabbing in this fashion because we miss our favorite pole vaulter. Seriously…check out this rehab photo…PANTIES SHOT!

Leryn-Franco-Rehab (3)

Also, for good measure we did a little recon on her Instagram account. Turns out she enjoys doing yoga and flashing her cleav in public. Again, we really missed Leryn.

Leryn-Franco-Yoga (1)

[@LerynFranco] [lerynf Instagram]

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