Jerry Rice Confronts Charles Barkley On Stage In Lake Tahoe For His Comments On The Golden State Warriors

In the middle of July where nothing is going on and websites/cable networks need something to talk about, this Charles Barkley-Warriors topic has been one of the biggest stories recently. Chuck originally criticized Kevin Durant for “cheating” and chasing the ring. And then yesterday in an interview from Lake Tahoe, had these words on the Warriors in general.
From the SF Gate:

“Kevin changes the whole dynamic,” Barkley said. “But you’ve still got to rebound and play defense. That’s the key.”
“I heard a lot more last year when they won,” Barkley said. “As I told the fans, it’s nothing personal. I gave an honest basketball opinion. Like I said, they got lucky last year (in 2015) because every team they played was hurt.
“It’s exactly what I said was going to happen: If they played a couple good teams, they were going to wear down. They weren’t going to make all those jump shots….
“They’ve got a great organization. I love Steph and Klay. But I don’t think small ball works, and it didn’t work in the Finals.”

These comments naturally blew up across the internet. However, even before he made these comments he was still getting criticism for his stance on Golden State. This video is from Wednesday, but just started making the rounds last night. In Lake Tahoe, Jerry Rice jumps up on stage to defend the Warriors from Barkley and of course brings up the rings argument.

It’s the trump card to end all trump cards if you’re a professional athlete.

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