Jerome Bettis Has One Interesting Golf Swing

I always love the summer Lake Tahoe Pro-Am every year because there’s always a bunch of stories and blog material to come out of it. You put all of those athletes and celebrities on a golf course for a weekend and it’s a gold mine for content.
We also get to see all of these people’s golf games. Who’s good, who’s bad, who’s absolutely atrocious, and we always get to make fun of the people with the bad swings. Someone like Charles Barkley embrace his bad swing and guys like Tony Romo are actually really good. Jerome Bettis falls closer to Barkley with this one.

All around just a horrendous looking swing. I’ll say this though, his swing might be ugly but at least he looks like he can hit the ball a mile.

Also, shout out to the old running backs club.

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