Meet Chelsea Lynn Pezzola – A Golfer & Model

Chelsea Lynn Pezzola Golfer Hottest Photos

Say hello to Chelsea Lynn Pezzola, a golfer with LPGA aspirations and a modeling gig, who graduated from Michigan and became a breakout star at last week’s ESPYs. I’ve said it over and over again…the LPGA DESPERATELY NEEDS A HOT AMERICAN CHICK TO ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ON THE TOUR!

Can you name two women on the LPGA tour? There’s always Tiger Woods’ cousin and Michelle Wie. Maybe you get Paula Creamer. OK, so you might be able to name three women on the Tour.

What’s Chelsea Lynn’s story? 

• Michigan grad

• Bradenton, Florida native

• Wilhelmina Model

• Superstitions: “I have had the same ball marker since I started playing golf.”

The bad news here for the LPGA is that Chelsea is a few more social event red carpets away from having her IG blow up to several hundred thousand followers, which will then lead to insane modeling gigs and selling IGs. The hot chicks aren’t required to even rough it these days from tournament to tournament.

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