BC Podcast: We Talked To Bob Lanier Today In LA About His Shrinking Feet & The New NBA

Bob Lanier Gatorade Awards

Bob Lanier talking to Kevin Carroll, who was on the Gatorade panel.

I keep saying it over and over…the newly named “Milk The Clock” podcast on Busted is going to be different and that means myself and Podcast Paul getting NBA HOFer Bob Lanier, 67, to do nearly 8 minutes at a hotel in L.A. this morning after a¬†Gatorade¬†event for its new Play It Forward initiative.

Bob’s not in town as a hired gun for Gatorade. His daughter will be honored tonight as the 2016 Gatorade Volleyball Player of the Year at an awards show.

Bob was just hanging out this morning so we figured why not get our first HOFer on the show and get him to talk about his shrinking feet & how he really didn’t like certain guys during his playing days.

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