BC Podcast – Just Found Out I’m Meeting Cam Newton On Tuesday

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Those of you who’ve been around since the old days of BC already know the story of how I bought Cam Newton’s BCS game pants from Auburn’s national championship. The pants took on a life of their own and then we went through 2015 when Cam won the MVP and looked like he was going to win the Lombardi.

The pants were revived.

So Friday, my Milk the Clock podcast co-host¬†@EidePaul¬†dropped the news on me that we’re about to meet Cam Newton at the Gatorade Player of the Year awards that go down on Tuesday in L.A. So many questions came up in this podcast: Should I take the pants and ask Cam to autograph them — something I’ve never asked for from a subject. Will Cam think I’m a bigger d-bag than I already am?

The Cam Pants story for new readers:

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