Buy This Cleveland Browns Tailgate RV — $6,500

If you still need a Browns tailgater for the highly anticipated RG3 season, look no further than the Dawg Pound-inspired tailgate RV above.
It has everything you could possibly need: bathroom, killer paint job with the Cleveland skyline, Browns fixtures, etc., etc. Split the asking price of $6,500 with your bros and you’ll be good to go for Muni Lot fun.
Details from the seller:

Browns RV was fully redone inside and out. Runs and Drives Great. Made the 50 mile round-trip to every home game without any issues. Has a bathroom inside along with many other amenities. It was set up with an antenna to be able to watch pre game coverage and the game on the TV inside the RV. Call or Text with any additional questions.

Total steal at this asking price — this definitely won’t last long.

A look around:

Didn’t expect to see hardwood floors:

Browns helmets on the storage areas:

Your saving grace — the bathroom:

Here we go, Brownies:


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