Introducing The Official Busted Coverage Podcast….It’s Official…This Time


This has been at least 6-8 months in the making. The official BC podcast is here – finally. No more bullshit with a podcast here or there. I didn’t spend the last couple days figuring out how to get a Skype phone call through Garage Band to only do this once a month.

For now we’re calling it the “Balls Deep” podcast, but that will probably change over the next 24 hours since some soccer site already has the name. We’ll think of something good.

What will make the BC podcast different from all the other white guy podcasts?

• Let’s be honest, it’ll probably be like most white guy podcasts

• However, we will be working in the NSFW Black Dudes into podcast form…you guys have been asking for this for years

• We’ll also chat with porn stars here and there

• We’ll have a ‘What’s in the BC DMs?’ segment

Who is this Paul Eide guy?

• Paul interviews the biggest names in sports for a variety of outlets, not Busted Coverage

• He likes to party, knows his old school sports, lives in sports hotbed of Omaha

• @EidePaul

Again, there have been podcasts on here before, but nothing has been official. THIS IS OFFICIAL. Subscribe on SoundCloud. We hope to have this on iTunes pretty fast once we settle on the name.