Sammy Sosa Looked Very White This Weekend…Maybe It Was The Camera Flash

White Sammy Sosa

I know, I know…you guys have been jonesing for new Sammy Sosa material. The guys just doesn’t surface like the old days from 2008-2011 or so. The guy turns 48 in November and has little kids. He can’t be out partying like the glory days when he started getting white.

But he stepped out this weekend with his wife, Sonia, for what looks like a J Balvin concert in the Dominican Republic. I guess J Balvin is some important Pitbull ripoff. No clue. We’re not here for J Balvin, we’re here for White Sammy Sosa. Looking through our Sammy archive, it looks like he was getting his color back earlier in the year. Then all of a sudden you see him this weekend all washed out.

I have zero idea how this is possible without makeup:

The Sammy Sosa I grew up with: