Delly & His Girlfriend Tore Up Cedar Point After Cavs Plane Landed


Delly Cedar Point Cavs Title Delly Girlfriend

Delly went from becoming an NBA champion, to drinking Coronas at XS in Vegas, to creating a mob scene when he came off the Cavs chartered plane and straight to Cedar Point to do some roller coastin in Sandusky, Ohio in the span of 24 hours. That’s one helluva life for a gritty white guy from Australia.

His girlfriend, Anna, was sitting in the front on Millenium Force with the champ. The parents were behind Delly. Some guys might’ve gotten a little sleep after such a whirlwind. Not Delly. Grit is gonna grit. You grind until you can’t grind any more and then you force yourself to grind just a little more, just one more coaster at the best damn rollercoaster park in the world.

The guy’s so gritty he probably went after 4 to save a few bucks…but in true grit fashion…it was the longest day of the year so he maximized his dollars. Guy is scrappy. He made only $1,147,276 this season. Have to take advantage of all the discounts.

24 Hours of Delly after winning NBA title:

Delly las vegas xs club


Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 2.17.57 PM

Delly plane cavs title

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