Meet Matthew Dellavedova’s Girlfriend Anna Schroeder



He’s the most intriguing white guy in Cleveland right now. He’s Australian, has a weird name that’s hard to keep the ‘a’ and ‘e’ straight and Matthew Dellavedova is closing in on cult status with Clevelanders who’ve been waiting for a gritty hero since Mark Price left town in 1995. The local hip t-shirt guys are already selling Delly gear, which means if he plays his cards right, Dellavedova will eventually have a street named after him and own a local car dealership. If you’re gritty and you win a title for Cleveland, you’re set for life. You’ll be able to sign autographs at grocery stores forever.

Now the bad news for the Cleveland college chicks looking to hookup with the hero — he has a girlfriend of a couple years. Her name is Anna Schroeder and Delly has been hooked up since back in the college days at Saint Mary’s where Anna, a native Californian, played volleyball.

It seems like these two are the furthest you could get from the average NBA couple. She has 85 Twitter followers –@AnnaSchroeder5 (of course it’s locked) – and just a couple hundred more on Instagram, which is locked, too.