Juan Uribe Reveals They Don’t Make Cups in His Size

Juan Uribe cup indians

On Sunday, Juan Uribe gave all the dudes out there the feels after he took a 106 mph grounder off the bat of Mike Trout to the dong. Uribe understandably fell to his knees and had to be carted off the field after taking the blow to his manhood.

Today, Uribe was questioned by reporters about why he doesn’t wear a cup and he had a simple response — they don’t make them in his size:

Juan Uribe said today he doesn't wear a cup because the trainers don't have one in his size…. Then he said I'm serious.

— Andre Knott (@DreKnott) June 13, 2016

Just like that, Uribe’s legend grows.

More Uribe. First thought after being hit in groin, "No more babies." He says he feels better today.

— paul hoynes (@hoynsie) June 13, 2016