Lebron James Hooked His Teammates Up With Shields

It looks like those gold Beats by Dre headphones aren’t the only gifts LeBron James’ teammates should give back.

According to Cleveland.com, the generous LeBron also gifted his squad personalized life-size shields before their postseason run started:

Each of his teammates was handed a hand-crafted, life-size shield with the player’s nickname inscribed, I’ve learned. Also, the armor included a message referencing protection and unity.

Channing Frye, who was saved from the Magic by GM LeBron, loved the gesture:

“For me, I appreciated it,” forward Channing Frye said of the gift. “It just showed his thought process not just about the game, but about the mental aspect of everybody being on the same page.”

Poor Bron. These material gifts clearly aren’t doing much for his squad on the court, where they continue to look outclassed by the Warriors.
Sidenote: K-Love could’ve used his on the court last night.
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