The Astros Hazed Tyler White By Parking His Range Rover In Center Field

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There’s nothing better than some good old fashioned rookie hazing. It’s not like it used to be (I think Richie Incognito may be the reason for that), but it’s still fun nonetheless. We’ve seen everything from making the rooks go get the veterans Starbucks dressed in full uniform, all the way to forcing them to wear dresses when they show up to the stadium.

Yesterday the Astros keep it a little bit low key, but made it outrageously inconvenient for Tyler White by parking his car out in center field.

Looks like we have some #Astros shenanigans on a Saturday. Word is the car belongs to Tyler White. Rookie hazing…

— Angel Verdejo Jr. (@ahverdejo) June 4, 2016

Not only that, but apparently it also got drilled by a ball during batting practice.

I think he can afford to get it fixed.

When you can't find your keys and your car is parked in center field. #TylerWhite #Astros

— Danny Mata (@DannyMataJr) June 4, 2016

[h/t Cut 4]