Watch This Minor League Bat Boy Bring The House Down By Dancing On Top Of The Dugout

Minor league baseball clubs really know how to put asses in the seats. They have to have that skill because the majority of people want to watch baseball at the highest level, not a bunch of players who most likely will never see a big league field. So we always see minor league teams come up with the most creative promotions like wacky jerseys, Star Wars night, and I’ve even seen liposuction giveaways. That’s just to name a few of thousands.
The Albuquerque Isotopes don’t need all of that fancy stuff because they already have a star on their hands right on the staff. All they have to do night in and night out is throw this kid on top of the dugout, play some jams, and let him captivate the crowd.

Here’s another close angle.
And then the grand finale, which really brought the house down: a Michael Jackson medley.

Cancel all the promotions for the rest of the season, let this kid shine.

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