Racing NEEDS Driver Lindsay Brewer, A SDSU Student

I was watching the driver introductions Friday for a Indy Lights (developmental series) race that’s part of the Carb Day festivities and immediately noticed something about the drivers: they all look the same. The same hair. The same smile. Nearly the same sunglasses. Too perfect.
And no females.
The Verizon Indy Car Series has Pippa Mann, but she’s been around for years and the old dudes who cover the 500 aren’t exactly kicking in her garage door to get a soundbite. That’s why we, the people – and the old dudes who cover the 500 – NEED Lindsay Brewer, a driver who’s attending San Diego State in a car. We NEED her at Indy waking up the old dudes in the media center who’re walking zombies & need to be reinvigorated like they were when Danica was around.
A BC reader, knowing that I was on an Indy bender, sent word on Instagram that Lindsay is jonesing to get a ride. “Watching the Indy 500 today just makes me want my dream more than ever. Need to get behind the wheel again,” she wrote.
I’m about to start a funding drive to get her a ride.
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Originally from Colorado, Brewer mentioned on IG last year that she was having trouble finding car sponsorship. Here we are about a year later and Brewer finished her freshman year at SDSU & is getting that itch.
Do the right thing, car racing sponsors. Give her a shot. I promise we’ll blog about her races.

T-Shirts Of The Indy 500
T-Shirts Of The Indy 500
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