Florida Man Gets In Fight Over Broken Cooler At Redneck Mud Park, Runs Over Guy's Tent On His ATV

What a weekend it was at the Redneck Mud Park in outside Punta Gorda, Florida where there was a little situation between a couple of good old boys who got into a pissing match over a broken cooler. It’s always the little things in life that turn into arrests, mugshots and national attention.
Brandon Edwards…step right up…you’re about to get some Florida Man national attention.
From Fox 4:

According to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, at 12:40 PM, Edwards and another man got into argument over a broken ice chest.  Edwards returned to his campsite and made remarks to a friend about using his ATV to run over a tent at the scene of the argument.  The friend told deputies he tried to talk Edwards out of the plan, but could not.

Soon after, the two victims were in a tent at the first campsite and heard an ATV approaching before getting run over.

The victims crawled out of the collapsed tent to see Edwards looking back from his ATV, saying “Oh, I didn’t know you were in there,” and then driving off.

Hahahahahaha…love that line from Edwards. It’s like a Talladega Nights battle between Ricky Bobby and Jean Girard at the mud park.

No word on who closed Brandon’s eye.

Let’s see what else went down this weekend at the Mud Park…I’ll give them credit for maintaining a very active Facebook account.


Racing NEEDS Driver Lindsay Brewer, A SDSU Student
Racing NEEDS Driver Lindsay Brewer, A SDSU Student
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