Joe Mikulik, Manager Of The Frisco RoughRiders, Had Another Epic Meltdown Last Night

Last summer we blogged about this hero of a manager named Joe Mikulik. In June 2015, after a terrible call at home plate, he lost his mind and ended up punting his cleats across the field to add to his long resume of meltdowns. The guy is an absolute nutcase who deserves an MLB job only because of the entertainment value he can bring on a nightly basis.
Last night he brought the house down again. After a questionable call at second base, Mikulik stormed out of the dugout and put on a display that makes Lou Pinella and Bobby Cox look like saints.

That’s how you stand up for one of your players, folks. From the throwing of the helmet to the punting of the bag, it was a glorious showing from Joe. And the best part was not one, but two textbook slides into second to show the umps how it’s done.
God bless this man.

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