Teddy Atlas Breaks Down Rougned Odor-Jose Bautista

Rougned Odor Jose Bautista punch

Rougned Odor’s monster punch to the chin of Jose Bautista did much more than draw in new fans to the sport — it actually made ESPN do something interesting with their coverage of the brawl.

Seriously, instead of having some “ESPN Insider” come in and talk about potential consequences, they called in boxing analyst Teddy Atlas to analyze Sunday’s brawl in Arlington.

“He’s probably been in the gym before because it wasn’t a bad punch. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s taken a boxing lesson or two. But, you know, good form, especially compared to most of those athletes like the NBA players who, quite honestly, most of the time look like they’re doing the doggie paddle in the pool.”

Good on Teddy for acknowledging Bautista taking that punch well. There’s way too many people out there who’ve been calling it a knockout punch.

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