24 NSFW Black Dudes Analyze Odor Drilling Joey Bats


Odor Bautista Punch Video How To Watch

You want #BlackGuysToCareAboutBaseballAgain? All it took was a single punch from Rougned Odor to Joey Bats’ face and the NSFWBDs stood up and took notice at baseball during the NBA Playoffs. Do you have any idea how impossible that normally is for baseball? It took an act of God.

And it took a guy named Odor throwing the punch to get the BD’s attention. That helped. And it helped that it was Joey Bats taking the punch. The BDs loved this kind of action. It was relatable.

Will the BDs give a shit about baseball tonight or Tuesday night or Wednesday night? Not at all. There are NBA games. Friday’s open for baseball. Need another fight to grab the headlines.

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