Sounds Like Fordham Basketball Coach Jeff Neubauer Left His Wife For Side Piece He Met On A Train

Jeff Neubauer Wife Karen cheating train Prague Martina

Fordham basketball coach Jeff Neubauer has been getting called out on Twitter by his (what sounds like an estranged) wife, Karen, for a couple months or so for what she says is Jeff’s cheating while on a train in Prague. Karen says in her tweets that Jeff is (in no certain terms) banging some gold digger named Martina that he met on a train in Prague.

Yeah, I know, this one is good. Thanks to TBL for digging it up.

Jeff just completed his first year at Fordham, going 17-14, including a 14-5 home record – best in school history – and, as Karen reveals, got a $500k contract extension out of the school. That news came out in April. Karen’s been raging since March. It’s unclear when Jeff was over in Prague meeting Martina, but we do know the Fordham roster includes a freshman from the Czech Republic.

And it sounds like Jeff took his Czech POA to the Final Four. See below.

Karen wrote in a blog post back in February:

For 21 years my husband has been my priority. Well it is time for a change. I am excited about the new year and all the new adventures. I have 15 pounds left to lose and have never felt better about myself. Nothing will stop me now. Time to put me as the priority because heaven knows my husband hasn’t. It gets depressing every time I see his priority list and I’m like number 7 on his list with the first 6 being all basketball related.

Sounds like Jeff’s about to lose a few bucks in the divorce.

Have a pic of this Martina chick? Let me know.

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