I Don't Know What Rick Pitino's Doing To His Face, But Sammy Sosa's Jealous

I was cruising Kentucky Sports Radio this morning (because they’re still an independent, which means they’re interesting and post fun stuff) and came across the photo you see below of Rick Pitino looking like Sammy Sosa’s dream coming true at the Kentucky Derby.
Rick is now 63 and that face is starting to turn into a clown show as he keeps holding on for dear life. Maybe it’s the lighting that makes Rick look like a ghost up against some hot, young piece of ass. All I know for sure is that THIS is the exact skin tone Sosa was going for when he converted from being a black guy.
Creamy white.
And I know this is the face Pitino uses when he’s about to pound one out after-hours at an Italian joint. Rick doesn’t look into your eyes like this and not get you naked. You’re melted butter at this juncture.

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